Una Vita Dolce - Our Very Own Tuscan Wedding

Rose said she would never have an outdoor wedding—but she did. Rose said she would always have a rain plan—and she did, but it wasn’t enough. Rose soon realized that even planners at their own wedding can’t control everything.

As luck would have it rained on Rose’s wedding day and the florals that our little family had put together never saw the light of day. Not only did it rain hard, it froze, the wind was brutal, and the ground soggy. But, despite the unrelenting conditions, this has to be our favourite set up to date—call us biased! After all, there’s nothing that a tentful of our nearest and dearest and good food can’t fix!

Flowers, Styling, and Decor: Singapore Flower
Planning and Coordination: Cindy Salgado
Photography: Magnus Bogucki 
Venue: La Foce 
Stationary: The Idea Emporium
Calligraphy: Post Calligraphy