Calling All Peony Lovers!!!

This Ramadan We’re Introducing a
4 week Peony Delivery Package!

Details Below…


Peony Package Details

The Peony Package is a limited-time bundle where you will
get a luscious bunch of peonies delivered just for you.

Sign Up Deadline

May 2, 2019

Delivery Dates

Deliveries will be made every Tuesday in May between business hours.
Delivery dates are fixed for May 7, 14, 21, and 28.
These dates cannot be adjusted or be put on hold due to the short Peony season!


Weekly flowers will retail for BD20.

Standard 4 week packages are priced at BD60 (Retail Value is BD80)
Lux 4 week packaged are priced at BD110 (Retail Value is BD 160) - This is double the blooms weekly!
Because we love them as much as you do and want you to have ALL THE PEONIES!!!

Whats In It?

Each weekly delivery will consist of 5-8 stems of one type of peony selected just for you.
The number of stems can vary from week-to-week due to the price of each variety—we are going to select some truly
amazing offerings for you and larger more unique varieties may be more costly.
Bouquets will be wrapped in brown paper and cotton for you to place in your own vase.