Mom, You're Awesome!

To celebrate Mother's Day we're dedicating this post to the super human in our life—our mom.

It’s been an insanely busy couple of weeks and we have all been working at breakneck speeds to execute events and complete orders. It’s been good but also tiring (Hello! I think our beds miss us!). But despite it all, our momma, the bedrock behind SF EVERYTHING is the energizer bunny that keeps going! This woman is literally the first in and last out of the shop every day. She can bust out flowers for an event solo and doesn’t blink an eye at having to haul giant buckets of roses across the store. And! she still wakes up at the crack of dawn to make ginger tea (‘cause it cures everything, apparently) and smoothies for all at the shop.

Singapore Flower wouldn’t be what it is today without our Mom giving us sage advice and here are some golden nuggets that have stuck with each of us:

Julia: Mom has been invaluable at helping Rose and I shape our business ethos. She’s taught us to be fair, firm, and never to do anything or work with anyone that made our heart(s) feel heavy. She has always imparted that feeling good about the people you work with is more important that chasing the next contract.

Rose: “Don’t over commit or over promise. Instead, over deliver.” Working with clients can be challenging when it comes to a once-in-a-lifetime event so it’s always important to know what you can and can’t do.

Fun Facts About Our Awesome Blossom: She has zero coordination, do not take her to a Zumba class… it’s like watching a fish out of water. Her fav colour is maroon. She has OCD and will usually try to match her shoes to her bag to her scarf. She still makes us lunch (her oldest child is 33…). She does not mince words and hasn’t hesitated to call her child fat—she is after all 100% Asian! She carries dry cat food in her car for any stray kitties and makes random cat friends. Her fav kind of chocolate is dark chocolate with nuts. She reuses and recycles everything she can—she embraced the living-with-less mantra before it became cool. She can’t tell you what her favourite flower is… apparently she loves them all equally just like her children (Rose has doubts about this, she claims to be the most loved child.). She started SF at the age of 23 opening the shop with a crib in store for her then littlest kid, Rose. Nothing is impossible for her.

Mom, thank you for letting two—now very big girls—still play
around and have fun with what we do.
We love you.

Photography by Moe Ramadan