The Annual vase Exchange is Back!

(Title is actually supposed to read “Bring Vase get FREE COOKIES!”)

Hi Friends! We’re doing a another vase exchange. For those new to the idea check out our a previous exchange along with some rules below! We hope to see you in-store soon!

What Is a Vase Exchange?

We’ll exchange all the clear vases, bottles, and jars you don’t want or need for a bunch of blooms and/or cookies. (Note: Flower bunches and cookies are limited and we ran out of cookies before we ran out of flowers last year!)


Tuesday, October 9th, 2018 from 10AM to 3PM at in-store at our new back location.


At our new back extension in Adliya. Find us on Google Maps here.

We’ll exchange any clear vases, bottles and jars for blossoms and cookies!

Some Ground Rules:

  • Flower bunches are limited to one per customer – regardless of the number of vases dropped off. Cookies are unlimited though ;)

  • All vases, bottles and jars must be in good condition with no chips, scratches, logos, or prints

  • Vases must be clear, and not coloured**

  • Vases will only be exchanged for flowers within this time-frame on Tuesday

**If you have coloured pots or vases that need a new home we do have vase “shelter” where you can leave your items for someone else to pick up. You can also use this shelf to find some new containers for your own space at no cost!

Full Disclaimer: We will be reusing these vases with the intention of reducing production and waste on our little planet. It’s a small step in the grand scheme of things, but you’ve got to start somewhere!