The Start of SF Events / Natmed

A lot has happened in a year. 

This time last year I was making my way to Greece. Today, I’m back in Greece sipping on my delicious hazelnut coffee – this stuff is so addictive I’m packing my case full of it!! - but I digress. The point is, a lot has happened in a year. 

Last year, Greece-bound, I was sat next to a school friend on the plane (Hi Amy!) and went on a spiel about my “hopes and dreams”. I had just resigned from a job that was filled with a whole lot of stress and not much fun stuff, and now came the part about figuring what to do “next”. I talked her ear off about how my ultimate dream would be to work on something with my sister, and hopefully getting involved with wedding planning. For some reason, the thought of wedding planning has always filled me with a whole bunch of happy. Having parents that coincidentally own a flower shop made it feel like a no brainer. But first, I just needed to reel my sister back into Bahrain…oh and find someone to trust me with their wedding. No biggie!

Fast forward a couple of months, the stars had aligned - I’d lured my sister back and a couple of my closest friends were getting married. I’d known the Bride for a few years, and was old school friends with the Groom – Natalie and Ahmed soon to be christened Natmed. We were family, and there’s nothing like family to make guinea pigs out of! 

The months leading up to their wedding were hectic, thrilling, and exciting, and I’m so happy to be sharing some of the images with you in our wedding gallery.

Thank you Ahmed and Natalie for letting us bring your dream to life!