Oh, Hi There January!

This new years resolution was supposed to be: practice “The Art of Slow Living”. (Um, yea right!)

We have a pretty hard and fast rule in the store that New Year’s Day is a universal day off and our doors are shut (not that we don’t love you guys!!) but sometimes all you want is your bed and some quality time with family. Well, it seems the New Year had something else planned for us…

On Day 1 of 2016, we hit the ground running with giant cups of coffee, to set up a sweet Bridal Shower. Seven days later, at crazy o'clock (5 AM!!), we set off with even bigger cups of coffee to set up the wedding florals for the same bride. We got to collaborate with the amazing team over at YQ Art, and got our creative juices flowing by bringing to life the most incredible wild, organic flower wall. Guys, what a way to start the year! 

But as they say…no rest for the wicked. The next day, with sore feet and happy hearts, we headed off to put together two other wedding setups. The first, a dinner party at Bice and the second—in our home away from home—La Fontaine!

January, you’ve been tiring but great. The rest of 2016, bring it on!