In Case You Didn't Know...

...Every bride has a certain "thing" they obsess over. In my case, it was my wedding stationary suite. This meant that ANYTHING in that category got obsessed over. Like the welcome boxes we made for each guest…

What should the box tag look like? What insert notes should be include in the box? OH! I need a pasta guide! But wait…what pasta do I REALLY want on my pasta guide? What item will I stamp with our seal? The tag? The box? The ribbon? All of the above? What box do I use? Hang on, what box can I afford?!

I kid you not, these were all questions I agonized over! I told you things could get obsessive!

Ok let’s dial back a bit. I had my wedding in scenic Tuscany (over here for parts one and two!), and something that was super important to Dimitris and I was greeting our guests with something to set the tone for their trip. I personally love welcome packets—they are a great way to spoil your guests with a few treats and convey information that they may have been missed on the invite or website. But also, who doesn’t have a soft spot for brown paper packages (hand raise emoji!).

For our welcome box, we opted for some freshly picked apples from a nearby farm (yum!!), chocolates (because it’s chocolate), salty treats, water, a ‘Just In Case’ baggie, and packet with a welcome note and additional information to tie it all together.

Usually when it comes to the more tedious assembly tasks, I’ve got my sis on hand, but she was still en route to Italy. So with Mom, Raul, and Dimitris we settled in and—in true Asian fashion—set up an assembly line: Dimitris made the boxes, Raul packed the boxes, Mom tied them up and I stamped all the name cards with our seal (and snapped 101 pics of course!).

Needless to say it was my FAVE office to date—just look at the amazing scene I had whilst stamping away the little seals.

Even though it took a full afternoon to pack everything and deliver them to our friends and family, it was the best feeling greeting our guests with a little something to ease them into thier Italian adventure.  

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Treats: All over!