Honest Spaces Guest Post - 2

Hi SF Friends! Welcome to part two of Honest Spaces takeover. 

Yasmeen Alabdulla an Interior Design Blogger based in Bahrain who celebrates simple, minimalist spaces. Yasmeen is sharing tips on how to brighten up your work environment—a space where most of us spend a significant chunk of our time (whether you like it or not!).

Check out the Yasmeen's first entry here. You can find Yasmeen over at IG @HonestSpaces – Enjoy!

Refreshing a Snack Bar and Restroom 

4 easy steps to transform your work space into a more
beautiful and functional area that you will look forward to every morning

  1. Add life with simple plants or flowers—you don't need much
  2. Freshen up the air with diffusers and candles of your choice
  3. Categorise and organise with simple office accessories (we love Muji!)
  4. Most importantly, have fun! Don’t be afraid to show off random items around the office, they have a way of adding interesting textures and colors as decorative elements! 

Snack Bar 



Messy, boring



Organised, easy to use, refreshing

Tip: Here I added height and color on the water dispenser to make the snack bar just a little bit more interesting! 

Flowers from Singapore Flower’s Blossom Buddy subscription
Jars from Muji
Cutlery and tray from Muji
Mugs from Muji




Dull, pale, boring



Fresh, alive, clean

Tips: Your bathroom should be cared for as much as any other space! It's important that you keep it clean and welcoming to accommodate any visitor or client.

Lavender from Singapore Flower via Carriage
Flowers from Singapore Flower’s Blossom Buddy subscription
Dark Amber diffuser from Zara Home
Dark Amber candle from Zara Home
Mirror from Zara Home
Soap dispenser from Muji

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