The Comeback Kid

Oh HEY 90s! Oh HEY Carnations!

Haven’t you heard? The 90s are back… and they’re here to stay! Well, for now anyways. Today’s post is all about the carnation bloom. These guys have been up and coming for the better part of 2018, but whenever we say the word carnation, most folks go… “uhm no thanks.” But guys just LOOK!!

This trio are the beauties we received this week.  Aren’t they divine? We’re loving the peachy one.

Some of our fav designs have also featured these guys.. here’s a few from The Botanical Affair. Look at that awesome purple shade!

Miss Cheerio – probably the most popular mix for Mother’s day this year. (Fun fact: she’s named after the
Cheerio carnation)

So what do you think? Are you a carnation convert yet?