A Few Tips from The Pros - Part 3

Our lovely brides shared their tips for keeping it together in Part 1 and Part 2. But if there really was an overwhelming consensus on one topic it's the first one below! And apparently I (Julia) have a favourite phrase I like to deploy!


Everything Will Be Fine. No Really.

"Remember that no matter how hard you plan and try to pre-empt things, something can and will go wrong. And that's OK. You’re not the weather god, or the fun-police so let it go and just roll with it. I mean an epic storm rolled in on our wedding day, we may have all turned to icicles during dinner, my mom disappeared for a nap (it runs in the family) during the wedding pics, and I totally forgot about my sexy thermals as I waved my dress around dancing but it was still the.best.day.ever."

"This was something I told myself the entire time leading up to the wedding: set a stress deadline. I stressed and tried to make sure everything was as perfect as could be leading up to the big day, but made sure that the last week was clear and calm so I could be relaxed and enjoy the day! If anything were to have gone wrong in that week or on the day, I told myself to just let it go."

"The minute you step into the ballroom just let go and enjoy. What’s done is done and it’s to late to change things. Don’t ruin your day by fretting over small things that don’t matter and that people will forget in time."

"Don't stress out about some things not going according to plan on the day. Some things cannot be controlled, life is not perfect but it is still beautiful. So you can either let the frustration get to you and ruin your big day or you can focus on how beautiful it is being surrounded by your loved ones who are celebrating you. Such glitches or details won't matter or even be remembered in the end, you will only remember the love in the air."

"This one is actually Julia's, but I loved her advice, and her exact phrasing was "We always tell our clients, don't be the fun police!". I wanted to schedule everything so it would flow well on the day, but a bit of a delay here and there because people are having fun is actually a good thing!"


Post Wedding (Yep, It's Not Over)

"Give a family member or friend all your vendors' contact details for emergencies and to deal with any post-wedding issues when you are on your honeymoon."

"This is one that you don't really hear a lot, but post-wedding blues are real! You've put in so much of yourself, your time and your creative process into this one-day. Enjoy it to the very last minute, but if you miss it a little too much after, know that it's OK, and completely normal. The end of your wedding means the beginning of your new life together, and that's something that should be enjoyed and celebrated too!"