A Bordeaux Affair

Well, this is going to be a long and poignant introduction to the wedding that capped of 2018… so strap in folks!

First, we’d like to start by acknowledging how amazing it was to have clients well versed in the art of email communication. Despite the team and the couple being in multiple different countries simultaneously throughout the process this baby pretty much went off without a hitch! That is until you count the weather watch…

Summer and Abdulla chose to get married in the garden of her childhood home that has been lovingly cultivated by her mother Mona. (This magical place has water lilies serenely floating in tiled ponds and fragrant lilies blooming at the front entrance to greet guests. Needless to say we were smitten upon seeing the place.)

As with any outdoor wedding there’s always the looming chance of rain… and like reliving a very surreal dream (Hello Tuscany circa 2016) we began obsessively monitoring the weather in the two weeks leading up to the wedding. Despite being ready with a rain plan and tent, we were hoping to keep most of the garden space open and airy. In the final days leading up to the main event the couple made the call to keep the space uncovered.  All was going to schedule until the weather gods decided to “bless” the event with rain 30 minutes before Summer and Abdulla were scheduled to make their entrance!! The slight weather snafu was, thankfully, short-lived and like troopers the bride and groom made their entrance in a light drizzle that immediately ended when they greeted their guests (talk about blessings!).  As they say… “The Show Must Go On!”

Thank you Summer and Abdulla for being just all around the most amazing couple to work with. Both you and your family invited us in with open arms and trust and that is the greatest gift we could have asked for!

Photography: Matt Wardle and Tasneem Sultan
Video: iHeartFilm (IG: @iheartfilm.bh)
Invitation: Tahani Abbas
Arabic Logo Calligraphy: Josh Berer
Florals and Styling: Singapore Flower